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Dark Realms Steps for Fetter finding.

 When conducting research, and dealing with ghosts. Patience should be taken into consideration.

Ghost have a way of being noticed and like to be noticed at times. Due to their need of plasma, this substance is a type of spectral trail, that the ghosts beings leave behind. As mentioned earlier in Haunted Fetters plasma is what gives a ghost their abilities to stay in the world of the living.

In some documented evidence; that has been recorded and proof shown when humans experience paranormal phenomenon causing fear. They sometimes have more of a difficulty in releasing the spectral activity in their homes.

Do ghost want us to know that they are watching us?  Do they want us to know that there is in fact a afterlife?

When a specter wants the living to know that there is life after we die. All sorts of things can happen.


There are a few steps to take when searching for ghostly activity

First. Remember safety in numbers.

Second. If the EMF reader does not gather any readings on the gauge. It still can mean that there is a spectral inhabitants through the area in question.

Third. When filming ghost in most cases they can be captured by flash photography. Cameras have a way of getting the footage without having to use certain lens. Ghost will show up on the film.

Forth. Spectral beings give off certain types of radiation. EMF readers have a built in magnetic field of their own and can pick up the spectral waves.

They can be calibrated to fit the area that is under investigation. Some tools that are not man made can also be used in researching haunted places, such as divination pendulums. This kind of tool can be used by someone that has had the experience with communication in the paranormal world.

Most of the time when it comes to searching for specters, ghost and haunted places. Going by these few steps can help with the exploring.

Paranormal investigating should be done carefully and respectfully due to that, some people take offence to this kind of research. When documenting it on film always have the facts right. No misleading audiences.

Fetter) Fetters a word that is very uncommon, a word that is not used with many scientists, nor those who follow any paranormal path, the first time that word was used and someone had never heard that ; the look was priceless.

As was written early a fetter is the context of what the spectral energy is bond to. When the living acquires items threw out their life. With out even realizing that they put emotions and sentimental feelings into; what ever items they might have had while they were a live.

Not only items can harvest this kind of energy but houses can have that feeling of peace. However all houses don’t have that warmth about them. Fetters can come in any form, from a feeling that the person is still their and looking after you; to a feeling of pure dread.

All forms of this energy can manifest into matter of light or to dark matter, in some recorded cases some people have claimed that there is more then one spectral force dwelling in the home. Some times both forces could be good ghosts or one good and one bad.

Ghosts sometimes feel that they should show us that there is something after we die. Most of the time when ghosts give off a vibe, they are more or less showing that they are there.

























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