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Over the years I have had some very odd things happen to me.

I guess being one of the old ways, it has made me see that there is life after death.

The ghostly world is out there! 

Most paranormal researchers only go for the thrill of finding out if there are ghost or not. But;do they think about the fetters that linger around?  

Do they try to figure out why they are still haunting the area in question?

Don't get me wrong. 

I have full respect for all people that have an eye for the spectral realm.  I guess that's what makes my research a little different from the others.

Most explanations about why a ghost will haunt a place or a graveyard, its not just if their haunting it; but they really never give the full facts.

A fetter attachment can be just about any type of item as was stated earlier, from a photo to a bell that was used by them while they were alive. The emotions that humans can give off, sometimes can easily slip into that certain items that they had in life. Any explanations about why a ghost will haunt a place or a graveyard, its not just there haunting it. Its there for a greater purpose.

What is a ghosts anyway?

The Spectral Family Tree.

Docile specters; This kind of specter is know not for tricks or nasty habits that some ghosts can do. This kind of specter are more of a quiet type of entity. Echoes that are docile sometimes will want to repeat what they once did when they were alive.

Echo mist; Spectral energy that forms a fog like mist that the specter can control.


Malevolent specters; In some cases a specter can grow to hate the surroundings which causes their energy to repulse to the specter. Afterwards the specter becomes violent and can altar the environment they are in. Some docile specters can become a malevolent entity.


Spectral environments?; beings of the spectral realm come in different shapes , forms as well  sizes. From a orb to a glance of echo mist.

Ghosts room also know as a phantom room. A room that a specter or ghost like entity can form its energy into a room. In some cases on a ghosts investigation when searching a location some ghosts can control the finding and disappearing of rooms. The specter forces its energy into the room itself while at the same time bringing some one in their environment.

 Frozen memory: A memory frozen in time that rifts the fabric of time.


 Dark fetter. A type of dark energy that has formed from angered specters.






























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