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Dark Realm Research Inc.;

 Dark Realm Research Inc.,

Has two films out. And is working on the third. The 3rd film is titled

Ghostly Fetters. This film goes into the in-depth research of studying supernatural energy and the affects it has on the world on the living.

The film will also go over paranormal investigating. And the research its takes to prove it.   

Stay tuned, fellow ghosts watchers. The third film its on its way.
At this time Dark Realm has a few areas; that will be under investigation.

Haunted Fetters. Supernatural Fetters.

Lincolnton NC. Located in down town Lincolnton.  Charles R. Jonas Library

Supernatural Fetters DVD should be available for check out.

Catawba County NC . Springs road branch.

Haunted Fetters and Supernatural Fetters.

Should be available for check out.

Dark realm is still in progress of working on its 3rd film, stay tuned for more up dates. Dark Realm is conducting research for its film. And will have a due date soon.  If there are any questions about the film, feel free to email us    

Here at Dark Realm Research Inc., We try to offer assistance to new and up-coming investigators to help get their name out for them. Also Dark Realm might hold interviews to look for the next stars in the up coming film. So if your looking for a little fame, feel free to let us know via email.




Ghosts are all over the world, from the West Coast to the East Coast. The beach, some say that they go to the beach for fun in the sun. Dark Realm goes for the ghost that haunt the sea shores. Myrtle Beach South Carolina from wonderful views of the ocean to sites that catch the eye. However the beaches are not the only thing to see while down there. Visit the local historical areas.

Ghostly Fetters is still underway. This film has taken a step up. Not just searching for haunted locations. But to bring some ghosts stories to film. This film will have little more than research. Stay tuned for more.


 A possible date for the film has been discussed. 



Got ghosts questions visit http://www.ghostvillage.com/



Dark Realm Research Inc. Is a family owned research team.

Dark Realm has added the online shop once more. Cafe press has cool products with our logo on them. Feel free to view and you might find something on the shop link.



Here at Dark Realm. We stride to provide not only historic value. We wish to give a good story line with our films. And entertain the paranormal minds.

At Dark Realm, we give our team members the most high testing in paranormal research. The Myrtle McCullough School Of Arcane Traditions and Dark Science.

Documenting the paranormal. And the supernatural is another project that we do here at Dark Realm. As well try to provide spectral energy on film. We give the historic facts about the area in question.



The films we have done and will work on; will not only be  documentaries. But something that Dark realm wishes to catch the eyes of ones who like history; as well the spectral realm.  

Fetter; the energy that binds the specter to what they haunt. The imprints of the memories left behind as well the energy.



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Dark Realm Research Inc. Was founded By a lady of age old traditions, 60 years ago. And as of October 21st 2009. It was developed by her grandson as more than a company. Its studying the UN-known and searching for what lurks in the Dark.


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 Owner Joshua Timothy Huss



Dark Realms Dis closer() We here at Dark Realm Research Inc. We are more than just a searching group ; and not just out here looking for ghosts. We here at Dark Realm; we are a company that looks for the things that linger in the dark. As well hopes to bring great films. Dark Realm holds the research rites to the locations and footage.That has been researched.

 All rights reserved. 

1st Film Haunted Fetters.


When the first film was filmed questions were asked. As well research had been taken into consideration. To find what goes bump in the night. Every location had some type of history.

Sometimes history can partake in this sort of energy. The imprints of the lives that once lived.


Lincoln Cultural Center


Once know as the 1st Baptist church; having this sort of fetter energy gave our operatives at Dark realm to investigate.


Churches hold energy and  it stays strong. This kind of energy would linger around for a long time.

After years of changes the church had became a center for history and The Arts, the fetter energy still held strong. 

The imprints of those that was a part of the church. As well had left this world. The spectral energies wanted to inhabit the building .

The Madison Iron Furnace.

A device that was built from the stone of the earth. And forged to make things for the Cival War. Powered by a lot of men the furnace went non stop.

A device that needed to burn day and night.


Fast forward to today, the fetter context was still high. The lingering energy still held strong , even in the trees.

Jails a word no one cares to here.

The place to hold those who have done wrong to man kind. A place like this would be a area that has high energy.

Dark and light forces go in and out of this kind of place. With fetters of all kinds.


 Supernatural Fetters and Ghostly Fetters.



From a house in the woods to a graveyard. And from a place to rest the bones. To an old hospital.


Stories and ghost tales. Where do they come from? Some say; that they are passed down from family members. However do the stories come from the ghosts?



Sometimes specters need to tell a story.

Ghosts; feel that they should let the living hear the stories .



When ghost let the living know the stories. They want the living to understand them and learn from that story. Ghosts cant really harm the living. However if it is something  darker; it could harm the living.









This site is owned By Joshua Huss.

RavenCroft was my former last name. The site is still under the same ownership. 



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